The Corridor


What Is “The Corridor?”

The “Local Artist Corridor” is Halloween Express Columbus’s tribute to the amazing wealth of artistic talent found lurking right on our own home soil!  In structure, it will be a combination of both a gallery exhibit and retail sales display in which 10 inaugural artists will have the chance to dazzle us with their skills, and sell their work to the public.  The 10 lucky artists selected will each receive a dedicated “booth” space within The Corridor for display of their approved pieces.  The exhibit will last for up to two full months, or until the artist has completely sold out of the items they wish to offer; all sales will be contracted on a consignment basis with Halloween Express Columbus (your application will give all the details).  Being featured in this exhibit means that the artists will receive great exposure through a multitude of different arenas!  Not only will they be noted in Halloween Express Columbus’ digital, printed, and radio advertising outlets during the season*, but they will be showcased right in the heart of one of our retail locations at the height of the our busiest season of the year!  This means having the chance to be viewed by thousands of individuals both local, and abroad!

Each interested artist with be required to fill out & submit an application for consideration, along with a $25 application fee, and at least 3 pictures indicating the nature of the art they create, and the display method they wish to use for their showcase.  These entries will then be reviewed and juried by a committee, and the artist will be informed if they have been selected.  If for whatever reason your submission is not selected, your pictures and application fee will be returned to you.

*please note: the modes of advertisement are at the discretion of Halloween Express Columbus Management, and are subject to change.

How Can I Get in “The Corridor?”


Unfortunately, the application period for the 2017 exhibit has expired.  Stay tuned for updates on the top finalists who made it, and all their amazing work!

Thank you to everyone who applied!  If we missed you, contact us and we’ll keep your information on hand for next year’s Corridor 👻💜🎃


I) How old do I need to be to enter?

  • We ask that all our applicants be at least 18 years old at the time they submit.

II) Where will the store be that houses the exhibit?

  • The exact store/exhibit location is yet to be determined, but will be announced as soon as we have confirmation.  The location will be within the Central Ohio territory.

III) What type of media will be accepted?

  • Anything and everything!  Canvas art, sculpture, drawing, painting, metal work, fabric, glass, re-fab, photography, etc…as long as it’s an original work done by the artist!  One limitation for the artist to consider will be making sure they can keep all their work to the space allotted for their booth only.

IV) How big is a “Booth?”

  • Each booth will start at 4ft wide x 8ft tall x 2ft deep.

V) Is there a theme to the exhibit?

  • As a Halloween franchise we are obviously all about Halloween themes to the art, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing that would be accepted.  As a costume shop we deal in a variety of categories!  In addition to themes with Halloween and horror, the work could showcase comic style themes, steampunk, fairy tale whimsy, and more!  This also means that the work doesn’t have to just be for adults.  Artwork or crafts that would be enjoyed by children and young adults are also up for consideration.  If you are curious if your style of art would work, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Some limitations that we would like to enforce are:

The items please be the original work of the artist only.

That the media used be non-toxic, non-perishable, and without over-powering odors.

The subject matter needs to be of a nature that is family friendly.  Anyone who has shopped with us before knows that we feature some scary items and a bit of gore, but as we have a lot of families and children that enjoy our store – overly extreme, graphic,  pornographic, or other harsh items will not be accepted for the exhibit.  Additionally, any items with a strong political, drug-affiliated, or addressing other “hot button” matters will also be asked to remain omitted from the displays.

VI) Can I, as the artist, be featured in other shows and/or exhibits while being under contract with Halloween Express Columbus?

  • Absolutely!  Even though everything is under contract, it will be a non-exclusive agreement.

VII) Can the required photos and application form be e-mailed instead of mailed in?

  • Yes, they can!  Just please note the following: If for whatever reason these electronically sent items do not come through, cannot be opened, arrive after the deadline, or are in any other way inaccessible, it could harm the artist’s chances of being considered as a finalist.  Additionally, the $25 application fee check would still have to be mailed in, and at the close of the jury process any return photos and/or refunded application fees would have to be picked up in store if we don’t have the self addressed stamped envelope mentioned.

VIII) Will the finalists be notified if they are selected?

  • Yes, all artists will be notified if they have or have not been selected so there is no wondering.

IX) If my application fee check has been cashed, does that mean that I have been selected?

  • No, the deposit of the application fees alone does not signify approval.  Direct contact from a Halloween Express Columbus manager will signify whether or not you have been selected. If you have not been selected, your $25 will be refunded.

X) How can I get answers to additional questions that I don’t see listed here?

  • Please feel free to ask any and all questions by way of a PM through our Facebook page: Halloween Express Columbus, or send us an email at:  You may see your questions pop up on this page =)